Fee Schedule

Effective January 1, 2020

Share Draft/Checking Account
Minimum Balance No Fee
Service Charge No Fee
Account Inactivity Fee (Accounts Inactive 1 Year - Fee Charged per statement cycle) $5.00
Check Copy (Per Item) $3.00
Overdraft Transfer (Automatic) $2.00
Overdraft Transfer (Manual) $5.00
Returned Deposited Item $5.00
Stop Payment (Check) $10.00
Stop Payment (ACH) $15.00
Stop Payment (Official CU Check) $30.00
Debit Cards
Annual Fee No Fee
Point of Sale Transaction No Fee
Card Replacement Fee $10.00
Online Banking Services
Annual Fee No Fee
Service Charge No Fee
Online Transaction Charge No Fee
Check Copy (Per Item) No Fee
eStatement Charge No Fee
Online Bill Pay Service
Annual Fee No Fee
Service Charge No Fee
Transaction Charge No Fee
Stop Payment (Per Item) $10.00
Re-Activation Charge (After 180 Days Inactivity) $5.00
Other Fees and Charges
Account Early Closing (Within 180 days of opening)  $10.00
Account History Printout (Per Page) $1.00
Account Statement Copy $5.00
American Express Gift Check $1.25
American Express Travelers Checks (1 Signer) No Fee
American Express Travelers Checks (2 Signers - Per $100) $0.50
Copy of 1009 or 1098 Tax Form $5.00
CU Money Order $1.00
CU Money Order (Retirees) No Fee
CU Money Order Stop Payment $10.00
Dormant Account Fee - 3 Year Inactivity $25.00
Faxed Documents Charge (Per Fax Sent) $1.00
NSF Per Presentment (Checking & Savings) $25.00
Notary Public Service (CU Member) No Fee
Notary Public Service (Non Member) $5.00
Official CU Check $2.00
Official CU Check (Retirees) No Fee
Official CU Check Stop Payment


Photocopy Charge (Per Page) $1.00
Research/Account Reconciliation Charge (Per Hour) $25.00
Returned Deposit Item $5.00
Starter Checks (Per Page) $1.00
Wire Transfer Fee (Incoming) $15.00
Wire Transfer Fee - Domestic (Outgoing) $20.00
Wire Transfer Fee - International (Outgoing) $75.00